My iPhone 4s Video sample

Although I still use my Flip Video (I used it the other day to do some timelapse) let’s face it at some point you are going to have to move over to a new camera! I am the proud owner of the iPhone 4S and it rocks. It has a few advantages over regular Pocket cams.

  • It’s connected via wifi or 3g so you can upload fast to YouTube.
  • There are some really useful apps for video shooters.
  • There is a lot of investment in accessories, like tripod mounts, wide lenses, microphones (yes you can use one) so you are never short of options.
  • You can tap focus, lock exposure and white balance (with an app) and even push the background out of focus if shooting close-up.

Above is an iPhone4s video camera sample. Shot handheld in a gym with just the in-built stabiliser, no tricks or grading when editing, not bad?

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Have a look how Realtor Hillary Caston gets creative with her Video Marketing. Rather than go for the standard walk and talk through of a property she plays the role of a burglar! One way to get more views and get more google juice is to make your videos shareable.

I mean who shares a standard slide show or standard lame video of a property? Using humour gets people to share and comment, case in point I just shared this with you.

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I knocked this trailer up with an imovie11 trailer template in a few minutes. Really like the speed of it, although you are limited to the trailer options they give you. It would be great if Apple added some extra styles in as a plug-in or allowed freelance developers to create some. Maybe that will happen in later versions of the new ‘Imovie on steroids’ Final Cut Pro X.

If you want to use your Flip to make videos to market your blog, personal brand or biz please join me here.

This is a spoof marketing video I made for my Pocket Video Power training course.

Ok, no laughing at my underpants!

Link juice: Ealing hairdresser

Check out Viewbix which allows you to ad links, social share buttons and headlines to Youtube videos.

Update: It doesn’t seem to be compatible with Iphones, leaves a blank hole! Viewbix is still in development so hopefully they’ll fix this compatibility issue.

Here is me being interviewed by Scott Skibell of It’s the first of two interviews we did. In the chat I talk about some creative ideas how to use your Pocket Video Camera to market your business.

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Have you been watching the launch of Andy Jenkins’ Video Boss programme? There are some awesome videos in the sequence.

Here’s a short clip, the takeaway for me is how Andy matches real world filming with screen capture. This breaks the video up visually, you get to see the face behind the product. I watch too many back to back powerpoint videos with a voice behind them as if the person selling you the product is hiding. You don’t need to be on screen for a lot of time if you are camera shy just a glimpse is good enough.

Also note how the music and the pace of cutting lifts everything from the bog standard to a video full of energy you want to stick with.

Go check out the rest of the videos they’ll only be up for a few more days.

I recently joined the Social Networking Academy. Jo Barnes has put a great membership site together for anyone who wants to learn about marketing with Social Media especially facebook and youtube.

New modules are added monthly plus webinars. Here’s my review above (with the play button on my nose!) Check out more here.